About Us

My family raised rabbits when I was a kid and I enjoyed eating rabbit. When I looked around recently I was shocked at the price of rabbit and how hard it was to find. I decided to look into raising a few of my own and found a couple rare breeds listed on the Livestock Conservancy. The American Chinchilla is currently listed as critically endangered. I ended up getting this breed somewhat by chance as I was able to find a breeder who had some stock available. The moment I laid eyes on them I was in love. They are gorgeous, big, large brown eyes. When I got them home I really started to like them. They are calm, quiet, and sweet, yet curious. We soon had our first litter (eight.) My daughter was interested in them the day they came home and she has been helping me a lot.

I have bred dogs and am sure I will learn a lot a long the way as we learn the standard of perfection and more about rabbits in general. I am amazed by these animals and how close we have been to losing such a rich part of our heritage. In these days of meat recall and growing local, the technology and breeds of the past will hopefully make a resurgence.